About ooono

ooono is a small electronic device for your car, which warns you when you get close to a speed trap or other POI. ooono comes preinstalled with information on speed traps and other traffic data in more than 50 countries. The traffic alarm uses its massive network of users in all of Europe to mark and update placements on speed traps and other incidents for the benefit of traffic safety.

ooono is legal to use in the UK and most European countries. As a user you are able to report speed traps and other incidents such as queues, road works and accidents, if you feel your fellow drivers can benefit from the information. Join other drivers in your area and share live traffic data that can save time, money and heighten traffic safety.

ooono is designed and developed by ooono A/S. ooono is specialised in design and development of convenient products that will ease your daily life. We are passionate about technology and design.

Our goal is to create amazing user experiences and products that are simple and easy to use. Every day!