New update! Learn more about version 2.6.0

Introducing account creation: But why?

We know.

User creation can seem annoying, but we have your best interest at heart. This is the first of many major updates to come and there is a meaning behind every change.

This update requires you to register as ooono user for different reasons. What’s common for all of them is that they serve a greater good: making your user experience even better!

Don’t worry. Your data will be encrypted and handled securely.

To sum up, this is why you need an account:

1. Get access to personalized warning data and statistics.
2. Store your personal settings: always the same settings no matter what ooono you connect to.
3. Get access to exclusive features for verified users (next update).
4. Personal in-app chat support for better user experience.

The update will also include:

1. Status dashboard: Identify potential setting issues and fix them.
2. Opportunity to turn off green status blink.
3. In-app chat support.
4. Bug fixes and optimizations.

We ask you to be patient, as this update is the first of many to come. Please feel free to send us feedback or contact us if you encounter problems.

IMPORTANT! When updating to version 2.6.0 a manual reconnection to ooono can be required. Make sure to open the app and connect before driving. The new status dashboard will let you know if ooono is ready to drive.

We wish you a safe travel.

Best wishes,
Team ooono