Impressive growth on the german market secure Investment from founders of Just Eat, GoMore & Autobutler

Impressive growth on the german market secure Investment from founders of Just Eat, GoMore & Autobutler

Press release

Guerilla Capital, led by Just-Eat founder Jesper Buch, is investing in ooono. Experiences from multimillion companies Just-Eat, GoMore & Autobutler will help expand ooono into new European markets and accelerate the growth in Germany.

Danish motorist have been using traffic alarms to share observations in traffic for years. As of last year, ooono introduced the product to the German market and have been growing rapidly since.

“It’s no secret, that we have always had international ambitions on behalf of ooono. For the past 12 months we have proved, that ooono has a really big potential outside Denmark. The investment from Guerilla Capital is a clear indication that we are on the right path.” says founder, Christian Walther Øyrabø.

ooono has tripled last year’s revenue in the first half of 2019 and expect to reach a revenue of +10M€ this year. The ambitions for 2021 is to sell more than a million units and turn over +33M€. A milestone the investment from Guerilla Capital will help achieve.

“I was very impressed with the growth in Germany and for that reason it was a ‘no brainer’ to join the company, when the opportunity was presented. This can be really big” says Jesper Buch. 

More than a capital raise
With Guerilla Capital as partners ooono will be adding more than funding to expand.

“Besides competences and a great international network, we will bring 50% of SafeFriend, which is a fully developed assault alarm. The investment is not to be seen as funding, but a clear sign that we believe in the business. We will involve ourselves in fulfilling ooono’s big international potential” says Jesper Buch.

More than traffic alarms
ooono keep developing their traffic alarm and is set to release a bunch of new features in the nearest future. However, the company are hungry for more.

“We have great plans for the development of our traffic alarm, but we are also looking to bring other products to market. With SafeFriend we have a fully developed product in our portfolio, but we have other products ready. We can’t wait to share more information”, says Christian Walther Øyrabø.

With the investment, Jesper Buch joins the board of ooono.

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