Elegant, classy and easy to use. ooono tackles your traffic planning and commute hassle by alerting you to speed traps and other road hazards.

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  • Realtime warnings

    ooono is your new best friend in traffic. The traffic alarm warns you about speed traps, accidents & road hazards. With realtime warnings you are always one step ahead!

  • The largest network

    ooono is based on a large community of drivers across Europe. More than 5 million people contribute to our database every day, giving you the best possible POI coverage. Thanks to our dedicated users, ooono is able to mark and update POI and increase traffic safety.

  • +50 countries

    ooono is not only your local friend – it’s your international co-driver. Bring your ooono across borders and enjoy real-time warnings in more than 50 countries. Thanks to our exceptional partners, such as Trafik Alarm, & TraffiHunter, you can bring this device on vacation and avoid unpleasant surprises.



ooono comes pre-mapped with the location of thousands of speed traps and road hazards, in more than 50 European countries. ooono uses its extensive community of millions of monthly active drivers to mark and update the location of mobile speed traps and other road hazards every day. With ooono you can beat traffic, avoid tickets and stay safe on the road.

Speed traps

The ooono traffic alarm warns you about fixed and mobile speed cameras in more than 50 countries.


Our community reports accidents, giving you the chance to navigate safely.

Road hazards

Road hazards equal reduced speed limits. You are on the safe side with a friendly reminder from our device.


With ooono you have the freedom to report whatever you think is valuable information for your fellow drivers.


More than 5 million drivers report to our database every single day.


Bring ooono on your next vacation and get warnings in more than 50 countries.

Best coverage in Europe

Our millions of users and fantastic partners ensure that ooono provides the best realtime traffic data in Europe. We have collected the best in one cool device!

Germanys most downloaded app several years in a row. The community share data from all the biggest European countries.


Eastern Europes biggest app solution with thousands of daily users. We cooperate with TraffiHunter from Hungary.



This co-pilot is fully customisable to your needs. Choose which warnings you want, set the light and sound signal, plus more in your settings. You can easily change your settings at all times in the ooono connect app.

We will constantly be launching new features so your co-driver stays on top of things. Download our app in AppStore or GooglePlay.

It's about safety


ooono traffic alarm is no recognition of speeding. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Our mission is to enhance traffic safety and prevent accidents and dangerous situations. Together, we are able to help each other minimise these situations by sharing vital traffic information!

Speed traps

ooono is not about fooling the police. Its about safety and speed reduction. Speeding is not necessarily a deliberate act. Even the most law-abiding driver may need a friendly reminder once in a while.

Road Hazards

Dangerous situations can occur wihtin seconds if you are unaware of accidents or road hazards. With ooono you are always one step ahead and together we can increase traffic safety